Medea Wolfe

Priestess of Her Torch

I am a Priestess of Her Torch, ordained through Temple of Diana, Inc.

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Linda Pearce
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Philosophy of this course:

Goddess (and all people) are whole onto themselves, without need of duality or division. The universe, and the seasons here on earth, and ourselves, are Goddess.  We are reflections of Her, and She is a reflection of us. The Goddess exists within us, and outside us.

Divine connection is the point when Goddess and we connect. Magick is a skill that allows us to enhance and ensure that we can have that divine connection. Magick is about removing whatever gets in our way, as well as increasing our ability to feel, hear, and see Goddess in all Her aspects.

Resources for this course:

  • Barrett, R. 2007.  Women's Rites, Women's Mysteries: Intuitive Ritual Creation.  Woodbury, MN: Llewellyn. 
  • Journal 
  • Internet resources
  • Links to videos

Structure of the course:

Each month will have a different set of activities that build upon one another.  There are both experiences, and things to know and study. These interact together.  Experiences are critical to understand what you study.  In turn, what you study will give meaning and depth to what you experience. Each month is a page, and each page has activities (or tasks) on it.  Please do them in order to gain the best experience.  

Each activity has questions to write or think about.  Try to answer will make your experience much richer. 

Each month also has discussion pages. Go to the discussion tab to access these.  Feel free to post as often as you like, but please post. I will read the posts weekly.


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