WIPE2016: Workshop on Islamic Pedagogy


Hasrizal AJ

A Malaysian school teacher, studying Learning Education and Technology at the University of Oulu


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WIPE is a teacher training program aimed for teachers and those who practise education to evaluate their current practise based on Islamic framework. The Quran, the tradition of the Prophet PBUH and the practice of education in the early age of Islam will be revisited to revive the unspoken curriculum and pedagogy into current needs.


WIPE will bring discussion on several aspects to characterise our pedagogy with Islamic values. It covers:

  2. TEACHING AS A TRUST (Constructing Quranic Worldview on Education, Curriculum and Instruction)
  3. ENCOURAGING INQUIRY (Prioritising Thinking and Deep Learning in Classroom, Teaching for Understanding)
  4. LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS THAT INSPIRE (The Sacredness of the Learning Environment, Discipline, Caring and Functional)
  5. TEACHING THAT INSPIRES ACTIONS (The Responsibility to Act Upon What One Learns and Teaches)
  6. SELF ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION (The Religious Responsibility for Self Assessment and Accountability)
  7. DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION (Instruction is in Accordance with Students’ Aptitude, Pace and Learning Style)
  8. EVOKING AWE AND WONDER (Formal Instruction is Occasional, Nurtures Reflections, and Evokes a Sense of Awe and Wonder)
  9. DISCIPLINE WITH DIGNITY (Empowering Responsibility over Obedience)
  10. TRANSFORMING YOUR TEACHING (Conclusion and Planning on Implementation)

Course content

  • Reflection on Your Current Understanding

  • What is 'Islamic' in Islamic Education?

  • Teaching as a Trust

  • Nurturing the Culture of Thinking

  • The Inspiring Environment and Surrounding

  • Teaching That Inspires Action

  • Self Assessment and Evaluation

  • Differentiated Instructions

  • Evoking Awe and Wonder

  • Discipline with Dignity

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