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I am a local Wiccan in Jacksonville, NC who specializes in all that is Wicca, I love to teach others about the Old ways and to get started on their own path in the Wiccan faith. I know I seem young to those who are older and know more about the subject, but I am incredibly studious and I take the time and effort to get out correct information to those who want to learn. My opinions may not be the same as theirs, but we are a family. Family sticks through it and makes it work.

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This is a generalized Wicca 101 Course. Nothing in this course is to be interpreted as the only way to learn; meaning that this is MY personal view on the topics at hand. Each Wiccan is individualized. My opinions and teachings may not always add up to what you have been taught. If there is any information that is not suitable or in your opinion may be incorrect, please message me and I will try to sort out the issue at hand. As a student taking this course, please feel free to set up discussion boards as needed to get encouragement or to ask questions from your fellow peers and from your instructor. 

I hope this is a learning experience for all who are involved in this class and I look forward to sharing what I know with each and every one of my students. 

)O( Sophronia

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