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Price is a subject for European Value Added Tax (VAT). If you live outside of EU, you won't have to pay VAT. If you do live in EU, we will automatically calculate correct amount of VAT based on your billing country.


Raven Schoner

Lady Raven


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~ Online Learning: Wicca 1 ~
6-12 month course

~ Pre-requisites: None ~

In this course you will learn the basics of Wicca, a little bit about the history of Wicca, and a foundation of learning for you to start down your own path to solitary Wicca practice! This course will guide you in the basics of the Raven Moon Solitary Wicca Tradition. A tradition is a set of guidelines and principles that guide the practice of Wicca. Most traditions are made for covens and we have established this tradition to cater to the much larger population of Solitary Practitioners.

This course will provide you with a foundation and solid principles to being your path. However, the path is yours and where you choose to grow from here is up to you. We will hopefully be able to arm you with the principles, ideas and knowledge you will need to build your own path to Wicca. The course will end in your own Initiation into the Raven Moon Tradition. This is not to be seen as the end of your journey, but instead the very begining of it. There are no limits to what you can attain on your own - and we are honored to start you on your path!

One you have purchased the course you will receive registration information along with login information to our course website. Please note that you can complete this course from anywhere in the world, but the course is only offered in English.

This course is setup as an interreactive text-based course. There are 10 lessons to complete with exercises at the end of each one. At each step you will receive guidance and training! Below is our course Outline:

~ Wicca 1 Course Outline ~

Lesson 1: The History of Wicca
Lesson 2: A Foundation of Faith
Lesson 3: Ethics
Lesson 4: Tools
Lesson 5: Altar Setup
Lesson 6: The Higher Self
Lesson 7: Magick Circles
Lesson 8: Sabbats
Lesson 9: Correspondences & The Elements
Lesson 10: Spellcasting
Lesson 11: Inner Magic
Lesson 12: Magical Paths
Lesson 13: Initiation

Each lesson contains the following: Study Assignments, Activity Assignments, Writting Assignments and a lesson review by phone with your instructor. This is a hands-on course with guidance from an experiences practitioner!

~ This Course will require the following ~ 

* Course books: Wicca - A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham and True Magick - A Beginner's Guide by Amber K

* Course Supplies:
- Set of 10 candles
- Small vial of Hand-blended Incense: Ritual Blend
- Small bottle of Hand-blended Oil: Anointing Oil
- Small bottle of Hand-blended Oil: Initiation Oil
- 4oz jar of Hand-blended Herbal Bath: Purification or 4oz bottle of Purification Bath gel (Choose one)
- Initiation Candle and ribbon
- Roll of Charcoal
- Small sage smudge stick
- Gemstone by Color gemstone set
- Herbal Sampler: The Elements
* Initiation as a First Degree student in the Raven Moon tradition at the end of the Course.

Note: You will also need altar supplies for this class. If you do not have them yet, I highly recommend you order one of our altar kits to go with your course, You can see a full list of altar kits on our website!



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