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Selling: Creating Possibilities

The art of asking questions, listening openly and intentionally, and gaining information; not giving it.

Imagine, you're running to the store for one of those quick "pick up a couple of things" trip.  But, by the time you actually get in the car your family has added 12, "Oh, and we also need ..."  What initially was a, "no list needed trip," has turned into you thinking maybe you should go in and quickly jot it all down. 

But you go over the list in your mind like you are cramming for a final exam in school and you confidently remind yourself, "Nah, I'll remember."

Let us guess what is said while you are unpacking your bags on your kitchen counter:

"Dang!  I forgot the cereal!  I knew I forgot something, but I just couldn’t remember what!"

On the flip side, when you invest the time to write down exactly what you want to get, and you have that list with you in the store you give yourself a GREAT chance to accomplish EXACTLY what you were setting out to get!

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