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Students get the comprehensive understanding of the concept of well-being at work. Students understand employee´s well-being as a critical component in socially responsible management and get familiar with the process of measurement of well-being at work in a case company. 


  • Work and its significance to humans, changes in contemporary working life
  • Proactive approach to one’s ability to work and management’s role in the process
  • Coping with physical and mental demands at work
  • Complex working communities
  • Tools and metrics of well-being at work

29th November             
Course introduction & Significance of well-being at work

12th November
Dimensions of well-being at work and work ability

19th November
Well-Being Management

26th November
Well-being Management continues...(Project Clinic)

10th December
Measuring of Well-being at work
Eeva-Riitta Niskanen, HRD Consultant, Finnair

17th December
Assignment presentations 

Assessment criteria
Project & Group Work 100% (including 40% ART Project)

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