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Parama Banerjee


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The International Professors Project is a non-profit global network of volunteer professors who have begun working as "Academic Citizens of the World" online and on university campuses in developing countries around the world.

Our ambassador professors teach, mentor, and conduct local research as they internationalize college and university faculties in their host countries. IPP is an innovation, inspired in large part by continuing trends towards global mobility.

We are:

  • Working to interconnect, communicate and assist developing world professors

  • Providing consults, promotions and recruiting for their projects, and making ourselves useful

  • Spreading partly by our dedicated networking diffusion, with each participating professor or university making their own cultural, social, ideological, ecological and technological contributions

  • Following trends in professor, student and university inernationalization

International Professors Project was founded to create and maintain a new institutional pathway towards an appropriate and 'developing-world-sensitive' internationalization of higher education.

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