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Lior Khananaev


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Learn how Roman Bodnarchuk, the CEO of N5R.com, has helped his clients sell billions of dollars of products and services in the past decade alone. Using a proprietary sales training process, N5R.com leverages both online leads, social media info as well as the telephone, to create the world's most powerful sales process. The N5R.com Sales Process has now been used in 10 countries and 30 cities globally to achieve ground breaking and record setting sales results.

The course requires has 3 elements.

Video Lessons - Students must watch and take notes video lessons that involve recorded sessions of live coaching done by Roman Bodnarchuk to top real estate development companies in the world. 

Readings -  Students must complete course readings (based on books by Roman Bodnarchuk) that compliment and correspond to video lessons. 

Tasks - Content from video lessons and readings are applied in homework tasks. Homework tasks involve completing written assignments, that ask a student to reflect and think about how to apply what they learned in the videos and readings, to their work at Wave. Written assignments are downloaded as interactive PDFs, filled out and then uploaded back through the course portal.

Wave staff are required to complete the mandatory part of the course, which consists of watching Wave Sales Training video (each approximately 15 minutes in length) and quizzes that test how well the video content was understood.

The course has additional materials that are optional and meant to serve as additional resources for Wave staff.

Day 1:

  • Read: Introduction (Optional)
  • Watch Videos: Wave Sales Training Chapter 1 (Mandatory), Video 1 - Introduction (Optional)
  • Complete Tasks: Lesson 1,(Optional) Lesson 2,(Optional) Video Quiz 1 (Mandatory)

Day 2:

  • Read: Reading 1 - Make Everything Trackable in Real Time(Optional)
  • Watch Videos: Wave Sales Training Chapter 2 Part 1 (Mandatory), and Chapter 2 Part 2, Video 2 - The Digital Age (Optional)
  • Complete Tasks: Lesson 3(Optional), Lesson 4(Optional), Video Quiz 2 (Mandatory), 

Day 3:

  • Read: Reading 2 - Get to Know Google and the Online World (Optional)
  • Watch Videos: Wave Sales Training Chapter 3 (Mandatory), Video 3 - The Basics (Optional)
  • Complete Tasks: Lesson 5 (Optional), Lesson 6 (Optional), Video Quiz 3 (Mandatory)

Day 4:

  • Read: Reading 3 - Count Your Touchpoints  (Optional)
  • Watch Videos: Wave Sales Training Chapter 4 (Mandatory), Video 4 - Communicating
  • Complete Tasks: Lesson 7 (Optional), Lesson 8 (Optional), Video Quiz 4 (Mandatory)

Day 5:

  • Read: Reading 4 - Leverage the Herd Mentality (Optional)
  • Watch Videos: Wave Sales Training Chapter 5 (Mandatory), Video 5 - Building Relationships (Optional)
  • Complete Tasks: Lesson 9 (Optional), Lesson 10 (Optional), Video Quiz 5 (Mandatory)

Day 6:

  • Read:  Reading 5 - Sell to All Your Buyers (Optional)
  • Watch Videos: Wave Sales Training Chapter 6 (Mandatory), Video 6 -The Importance of Video (Optional)
  • Complete Tasks: Lesson 10 (Optional), Lesson 11 (Optional), Video Quiz 6 (Optional)

Day 7:

  • Read: Reading 6 - Forget Floorplans, Sell Lifestyle (Optional)
  • Watch Videos: Wave Sales Training Chapter 7 (Mandatory), Video 7 - Registering (Optional)
  • Complete Tasks: Lesson 12 (Optional), Lesson 13 (Optional), Video Quiz 7 (Mandatory)

Day 8:

  • Read: Reading 7 - Tell A Story (Optional)
  • Watch Videos: Wave Sales Training Chapter 8 (Mandatory), Video 8 - Following Up Part 1 + Video 12 - Telling a Story  (Optional)
  • Complete Tasks: Lesson 13 (Optional), Lesson 14 (Optional), Video Quiz 8 + Video Quiz 12 (Mandatory)

Day 9:

  • Read:  Reading 8 - Tap Into Their Senses (Optional)
  • Watch Videos: Wave Sales Training Chapter 9 (Mandatory), Video 9 - Follow Up Part 2 (Optional)
  • Complete Tasks: Lesson 15 (Optional), Lesson 16 (Optional), Video Quiz 9 (Mandatory)

Day 10:

  • Read: Reading 9 - Make Little Things Count (Optional)
  • Watch Videos: Wave Sales Training Chapter 10 (Mandatory), Video 10 - Creating and Experience (Optional)
  • Complete Tasks: Lesson 17 (Optional),  Video Quiz 10 (Mandatory)

Day 11:

  • Read:  Reading 10 - Build a World Class Team (Optional)
  • Watch Videos: Wave Sales Training Chapter 11, Video 11 - Dealing with Objections (Optional)
  • Complete Tasks: Lesson 18 (Optional), Video Quiz 11 (Mandatory)

Day 12:

  • Read: N/A
  • Watch Videos: Wave Sales Training Chapter 12 (Mandatory), Video 13 + Creating Urgency (Optional)
  • Complete Tasks: Lesson 19 (Optional)



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