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Waste treatment education 26.3. - 14.4.2014

Course consists of two virtual meetings and differen kinds of assignments.

    Virtual meetings

26.3. Wednesday 13.00-15.00 Course introduction and lecture on recycling business/ Pentti Kallio (2 hours)

14.4. Monday 14.30-15.30 Final meeting and feedback (1 hour)



Innovation competition: Pair up and innovate a new business idea related to recycling or reuse. Participants vote on the best innovation and develop it further with six-hats-method. (6 hours)

Written assignment on final disposal: What means final disposal of waste? What is landfill? What kind of different landfills exists? What have the EU targets concerning landfills? What is the situation concerning the final disposal of waste in your country? Answer the questions. (3 hours)

Discussion and Written assignment on waste management business: Discuss on the subject on the internet, share ideas and comments and articles etc. Prepare a presentation or an article - Waste management business in your home country: The situation now and in the future, take advantage of the lecture and discussion. (3 hours)

End-of-waste success stories: Everyone finds at least one article or news on the subject. Get familiarize with each other’s materials and give comments. -> Brainstorming: What is our end-of-waste success story? (3 hours)

Learning diary, time control and feedback: Fill work time control and give feedback with fom. Write an learning diary from the course. What did you learn? How did you feel the assignments and lecture? What you were happy with and what you think was missing? Etc. (3 hours)


    Choose from two bigger assignments A or B (6 hours):

A. A virtual waste treatment journey – a look into the waste treatment methods. Form small groups and prepare short presentations on the different waste treatment methods. Take an innovative and future perspective and try to find also new and future's waste treatment methods. The goal is to make the presentations as visual as possible – use lots of images and videos. Introduce at least 5 different methods.

B. Waste treatment in chosen country or city. Form small groups of 2 - 3 participants and choose a country ar a city. Investigate what types of waste are produced, how much and how they are treated in chosen country/ city. Make a plan for improving waste management in the chosen country/ city. For example: How the waste could be treated optimally and carry out an 8x8 analysis, a SWOT analysis or an emissions comparison between different scenarios. Make presentation or a report.


    Both assignments:

    Go on a virtual journey and get to know each others presentations and give comments on different methods and waste management in different countries and cities.

    At the same time, gather tips on how to develop waste treatment in your own country. Write the tips down.


Totally 27 hours and one student point.


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