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This training module is a general overview of Who We Are.  For some it will be a great reminder or refresher and for others it will explain why and how we operate..(or as Julie Shand, Program Manger, would call it The Krasway.  The Krasman Centre has grown and expanded in the work that was started over 25 years ago, we have added programs, welcomed staff and increased our capacity to support individuals on their recovery journey, their families and allies.  With all this growth and change our fundamental belief that people can and do recover has remained an anchor point in the work we do - the work that has made us leaders in the Peer Support and Recovery community.   

This is the first of our training modules... modules will be emailed to Krasman Staff and Volunteers monthly on a variety of topics.   To utilize modules simply click on the titles on the left and it will walk you through the material.  When you are done the material click on "tasks" at the top and select the quiz.   Do not concern yourself with the "grade" that is assigned - because there are 2 short answer questions the program get "confused"...once you have completed the module and quiz you will be issued a certificate of completion for your files - Your name will also be forwarded to your Coordinator or to the Executive Director as having completed the training.  

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