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Lynda Laird

Manager of Volunteer Services

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Welcome to the Hotel Dieu Hospital orientation for volunteers!  We are pleased that you have chosen our hospital to share your time and services with. 

This web site provides you with the mandatory components of orientation for a new volunteer, which should take you 2-3 hours to complete.  It also offers information about the hospital, Volunteer Resources, and many of our volunteer positions which you can browse at your leisure once you start volunteering.

Units 1-7 are the mandatory orientation components for all new volunteers.  You must complete these sections, including the quiz with each, prior to being accepted as a Hotel Dieu Hospital Volunteer.  Completed quiz's are automatically forwarded to the Manager of Volunteer Resources so we can track each applicant's progress, identify if any follow-up required for an applicant based on their answers, and ensure the training components have been completed.  If you notice that your Progress Report with Eliademy indicates you are at 0% completed do not fret. Because the quizzes are through Survey Monkey they do not register on the Eliademy site as completed but the Manager of Volunteer Resources does receive them.

Once you have completed Units 1-7 please contact the Manager of Volunteer Resources, or the Volunteer Ambassador working with you if one has been assigned, to discuss next steps to getting you involved as a volunteer.  

If you find you cannot open all content, video's are missing, or pages are blank, it is probably an issue with your computer programs not allowing you to access all the training components.  In that case please make contact with the Manager of Volunteer Resources or your Volunteer Ambassador and we will arrange for you to complete the Units on a computer at Hotel Dieu at your convenience.

Please note that the quiz components open in Survey Monkey. All questions are mandatory.  Once you submit your responses Survey Monkey will automatically take you to an advertisement for their service which we are able to use at no cost.  Please simply close this window and return to Eliademy.

The other sections on the left include information about what to expect on your 1st shift with us, and information about specific volunteer positions at Hotel Dieu Hospital. They contain the position description as well as any training documents required for a new volunteer.  You are welcome to browse these at any time. Once it is determined with the Manager VR which role(s) you will fill at HDH you will be expected to review all the information for that position. Please note the Brock Boutique information is with the Volunteer Positions title and thus easy to miss at first glance.

If you have any questions about the web page, orientation materials or volunteering at Hotel Dieu Hospital, please contact Lynda Laird, Manager Volunteer Resources at lairdl@hdh.kari.net

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