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A strong vocabulary will not only give you the tools to say and write exactly what you mean it can also help you on a job interview, communicate better with a doctor or your lawyer and certainly help you with school work. A good vocabulary makes you sound smarter, feel more assured and practically guarantees you'll be a better writer and speaker. The purpose of this vocabulary class is to beef up your everyday vocabulary with words that you could use in everyday conversation.


The larger our vocabularies the more clearly we can communicate with others and understand what others are trying to communicate to us. This course will introduce some simple ways to learn new vocabulary words by practicing reading in context, by writing sentences using the words and by doing practice exercises and quizzes.


This course is to help students understanding basic vocabularies. The course objective is clear- increase your vocabulary by almost 100 words or phrases plus learn how to assimilate new words by learning to read in context. Be able to understand and use the words in a written sentence or in general conversation. Establish a pattern of committing interesting words to memory and feel more comfortable using the new words.


Course content

  • Basic English Vocabularies

  • Test Your Vocabularies Handbook

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