Alexey Pikulev

An Agile coach with many years of experience of working with a variety of organizations from start-ups to international enterprise corporations. The main focus of my training is Agile Leadership practices and its applications in the organization culture. As a Coach, I am not going to tell your organization what to do but will help you to find the right solution on your own. My current passion is building an engaging creative-work culture in the team, company and community levels by using a variety of creative concepts from coaching to business games .


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Want to build your coaching skills? Need answers to a tough problem that you or your team is facing? The coaching dojo is for you! We will form small groups where one ‘seeker’ will get five minutes of coaching from multiple coaches. Then the "table" turn and the coaches get feedback.

Here’s the formula: 

- We will break into groups of 6: 1 seeker, 3 coaches, 2 observers 
- The first coach works with the seeker for 5 minutes 
- The second coach works with the seeker for 5 minutes 
- The third coach works with the seeker for 5 minutes 
- The seeker and observers give the coaches feedback for 5 minutes 
- Repeat!

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