Tharwat Wasfy

Educational Technologist, Author & Entrepreneur

Educational Technologist & Entrepreneur, Certified by Cambridge University in Teaching with Masters Degree in Learning & Education Technology by University of Oulu Finland. With 9 different languages background. I have five years of experience in delivering training & evaluation of Business English & HR Soft skills followed by 2 years experience in Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Supporting worldwide companies; Rolls Royce & Baker Hughes. So passionate about Learning & Development in Languages & Human Resources. I love building Learning Solutions to help people develop their skills in various areas. To gain more insights about my previous achievements, please visit my LinkedIn profile.


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Course Description

This 1.5 hrs course will teach you how to design, create and publish video lessons for your blog or online teaching as an e-learning technology for educators and teachers who are passionate about teaching anything to anyone anywhere and at anytime.​ ​

The course is structured in a very logical way, taking you step by step into the journey of developing your e-learning video courses. No advanced IT skills required. Just be passionate about the subject and you will get there! 

See you soon in the course!

Here is a link to the intro lecture;


Learning Objectives and Outcomes 

In this course you will learn the following;

  • Benefits of using video technology in teaching, the different types of video lessons and the skills required for you to be able to develop such work.
  • How to choose a good camera as well as an easy & professional editing software to work with. Also preparing the green screen and the studio lights.
  • How to design your video lessons, recording your classroom, PC screen and green screen.
  • How to edit your videos using adobe premiere & Camtasia studio.
  • Upload and Integrate your video lessons into your blog for teaching.

Course Requirements

Only to have a passion for teaching online, creating video lessons and e-learning courses, then leave the rest for me.

Course content

  • Lesson 1: Why Video Lessons?

  • Lesson 3: How Easy to Develop it?

  • Lesson 4: Develop It Yourself!

  • Lesson 5: Skills Needed for This Work

  • Lesson 6: Choosing a Good Camera

  • Lesson 7: Choosing Editing Software

  • Lesson 8: Preparing the Green Screen

  • Lesson 9: Setting Up the Studio Light

  • Lesson 10: Design Before Recording

  • Lesson 11: Shooting in Classroom

  • Lesson 12: Shooting with Green Screen

  • Lesson 13: Recording Your PC Screen

  • Lesson 14: Editing Videos Lessons (Camtasia Studio)

  • Lesson 15: Editing Videos Lessons (Adobe Premiere)

  • Lesson 16: Integrating Videos in Your Blog

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