Vehicle Service Contract Sales 101


Michael Bendig

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Andy Stokes
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This course is designed to introduce you to the Vehicle Service Contract Industry. 

You will learn the key players, the sales process and how to successfully close customers in a one call one close arena. 

This course is also designed for you to learn industry specific rebuttals for common objections.

After successful completion of this course you will be able to easily fulfill the needs of our customers over the phone by following our sales process, picking the correct vsc, and getting that credit card number.

Course content

  • Welcome!

  • Key Players

  • A bit about the Company

  • Keys to Success

  • 3 Main Ingredients of our Sale

  • Sales Process Simplified

  • Sales Process Simplified Continued...

  • Sales Process Simplified continued...

  • AFTM

  • Different Ways to ask for the money

  • Make A Friend, not a Customer

  • Do You Care?

  • Tie Downs

  • Assume the Sale

  • The Sales Cycle Simplified

  • Sales Script

  • Types of Coverage

  • Gold Nuggets

  • Facts to remember

  • Live Call Examples

  • Forte

  • Turning your customer over to a Closer

  • Downloads, Links, Extra's!

  • Cartection Faq's

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