Jia Ye

Master Student of Education and Globalisation

Ye Jia (Chinese) He is a Kids and Teens English Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Course Designer and UNICEF Fundraiser. He is now a master student of Education and Globalisation in University of Oulu, Finland. His is interested in all kinds learning (SRL, CSCL, Knowledge Inquiry, Problem-Based Learning, 21st Century Skills). His career mission is to make a positive impact on people through education.


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This course aims to integrate the pedagogical use of ICT into sustainable development education, through collaborative learning, knowledge inquiry and project-based learning. Students work in a group of 3 or 4 to create media presentations on UN Sustainable Development Topics, and share their final products in school online environment.

Course content

  • Aims of This course

  • Meet the instructors

  • Lesson 1 Intro and Team Building

  • Lesson 2 Dive into the Topics

  • Lesson 3 Forms of Creating

  • Lesson 4 Play with ICT Tools

  • Lesson 5 ICT in Use

  • Lesson 6 Finalise the Product

  • Lesson 7 Presentation and Feedback

  • Lesson 8 Reflection and Celebration

  • Your Feedback Matters

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