USA Luge Refresher Course (2014-2016)


David Garland

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Anthony Shimkonis
A few answers I chose in some of the tests were marked wrong when they actually were correct. I went back to research them just to make sure.


Welcome to the USA Luge Refresher Course.

It's been a long time coming, but the refresher course is now officially online! Since all officials are required to take a refresher course once every 2 years to remain active, the race committee found it difficult for some officials to drive / fly a long way for a 3 hour refresher course. This online course will hopefully help those officials maintain their active status.

This is the first time we have ever utilized on online learning portal. Please excuse any kinks and bugs in the programs and videos. As time progresses, we hope that this course will get better and better over time.

Almost all of the material is the same between taking the class in person and taking it online. The only difference is that officials that take the refresher course online will be quizzed on their knowledge. Those attending the class in person will not. This is designed intentionally to ensure officials watch the materials and persuade officials to still attend the refresher courses in person, whenever possible. There is a significant amount of feedback and information that can be gained in a group setting that can't be done online.

Well, with all of that being said, good luck on the course. Please feel free to reach out anytime you need assistance with the course.

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