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Brian Nguyen


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Hi everyone,

Welcome to the UPchieve Admissions Consultant Training! This training is designed specifically for UPchieve volunteers. We hope to continue improving this training in the coming months, and we will be sure to let you know when we add new content. (For example, we hope to make a guide on Financial Aid soon.)

Also, please note that the quizzes allow you three attempts but you must use these attempts prior to submitting the score to the instructor / seeing the correct answers. We recommend you use your first attempt to see what you remember from reading or skimming the guide. Then, review the sections of the guide for which you answered questions incorrectly and take the quiz a second time. All questions should be answered in the attached guide, but please feel free to email Brian (brian.nguyen@believeachieve.org) if anything seems to be missing or if you have any questions.

Aly and Brian

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