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Welcome to the UNM PEM Point-of-Care Ultrasound website! This is a course for the fellows and faculty of the UNM Pediatric Emergency Medicine Division.  Here you will find objectives, relevant videos, and journal articles to be reviewed prior to your scanning sessions.  The 2016-2017 ultrasound schedule for PEM fellows is outlined below.  

2016-2017 PEM Ultrasound Schedule

August 17 & 24:  e-Fast

September 21 & 28:  Group clip review

October 19 & 26:  Renal/bladder

November 16 & 23:  Hepatobiliary

January 18 & 25:  Soft tissue applications

February 15 & 22:  Pediatric abdomen

March 15 & 22:  Group clip review

April 19 & 26:  Focused cardiac

May 17 & 24:  Group clip review

June 21 & 28:  Assessment/practical exam


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Rebecca Fastle, MD, Sara Skarbek-Borowska, MD, and Tamara Barrett

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