Samuel Kuria


Samuel Kuria is currently the senior instructor and Programmes Manager at The Institute of Teachers Professional Development (ITPD). Kuria’s tough assertion on change of teacher’s mindset to bring about the necessary student academic achievement and school improvement strategies, including professional development, has made him an appreciated phenomenon in teacher development. Mr. Kuria also teaches Child Rights and Protection and Educational Administration and Management at Africa Nazarene University. More about Kuria visit his website


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Introduction to the module

In this unit definition and various designs of curriculum are provided. Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) curriculum development process and other curriculum institutions are included. The unit also outlines ECDE curriculum objectives, activities, determinants and factors that influence changes in curriculum development.

Objectives of this module

By the end of this UNIT you will be able to:

  1. Define the terms used in curriculum development
  2. Analyse the main developmental theories and models of curriculum development
  3. Discuss the national goals of education in Kenya in relation to curriculum development
  4. Evaluate the contribution of early childhood educators in the development of early childhood curriculum
  5. Analyse the objectives of ECDE curriculum in Kenya
  6. Describe ECDE curriculum areas in Kenya
  7. Explain the role of Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) in development of curriculum in Kenya
  8. Discuss the stages of curriculum development in KICD
  9. Describe the role of various curriculum development agents in Kenya
  10. Describe the factors that influence curriculum change in Kenya
  11. Assess the issues affecting the implementation of ECDE curriculum in Kenya.


NOTE: Ensure you participate in all the discussion forums and contribute to complete the course.



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