Ashley Kwon and Heather Loepere


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Unheard Worlds is a history and social studies class about underrepresented countries–cultures not taught in school. Follow us to learn about our journey to learn about Nepal and the Iroquois culture. 

This trial section that is open to students focuses exclusively on content about Nepal: its historical background, religious customs, art, and contemporary life. To take the course, simply click on the "Introduction to Nepal" section and scroll all the way through until you reach the next section. As you scroll through, you will be able see pictures, text, pdf documents, youtube videos, and even an interactive timeline for you to peruse. These are all parts of our class, there for you to experience. 

There are no tests or grades. This is just an experience for you to learn more about parts of history you may not have known much about before. 



Course content

  • Introduction to Nepal

  • Nepalese Religion

  • Nepalese Art

  • Contemporary Nepal

  • Introduction to the Iroquois (Haudenosaunee)

  • Iroquois Culture and Religion

  • Iroquois Art

  • Contemporary Iroquois

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