UCI 134 Group 3: The Seasons of Kindergarten


Samantha Berry


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Welcome to Kindergarten! Our Kindergarten class is called "The Seasons of Kindergarten" because during this unit we will explore the four season of the year through a variety of fun and interactive activities that our beginner English Learners are sure to enjoy! During this ten day unit plan, we will learn all about the four seasons Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter through fun and interactive activities that will allow students to gain an in depth understanding. Through the variety of activities the students will be doing, they will get to experiment with materials such as interactive handouts, paints, colors, and a variety of object form the outdoors. In the process, students will learn vocabulary associated to each season, as well as a valuable practice in writing and speaking. By the end of the unit, students will be able to name and describe all four seasons! At the end of the unit, students will participate in an assessment activity in which they will be able to have hands on experience with the outdoors and get to explore the characteristics of the seasons we have discussed though our unit. 


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