Education 134 UCI Group#2: Christmas is Coming


Fabiola Meza

I'm a senior, Spanish major and Education minor. I've lived in southern California all my life and I like it enough to stay and teach in the area. My family is from Durango, Mexico and I have 3 siblings, all brothers.


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Introduction and Objectives
English has become the world’s first global language, taught and learned throughout the world. Overall, it is estimated that at least a billion people around the world have studied or are studying English. English is commonly used to communicate for the purpose of business or international relations. As a seventh grade English beginner class, students will be able to demonstrate basic speaking and writing skills, and will be able to read and listen at the basic level. The topic of the unit is "Christmas," giving students the opportunity to experience American culture in their native country, Cuba. 
The overall goal is to develop students' mastery of using Christmas vocabulary words in writings and conversations, as well as their mastery of listening and reading comprehension. Students will also be able to have simple conversations with others while expressing their thoughts. 
  1. (Vocabulary): Students will be able to define what the Christmas words mean. 
  2. (Listening) While listening to a story aloud, the students will be able to identify the characters in the story.
  3. (Speaking) Students will be able to familiarize themselves with the meaning of the vocabulary words through the assistance of pictures. 
  4. (Reading) Students will be able to incorporate their learning of the vocabulary words to describe the plot of a short story.
  5. (Writing) Students will be able to organize their thoughts by writing a letter and describing their holiday tradition.
This Unit Plan is most likely able to be covered within 10-12 days of a hour instruction each time that uses fun and interesting worksheets and activities that stimulate the mind and hopefully their long term memory. The assessment will take the form of a presentation that is the students role-playing using the vocabulary words of the unit. 
This website is more of a teachers manual of what the lessons will contain and how to go about presenting the lesson. However, a couple of discussions were set up so the students could use and where they would be able to create their own discussions.

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