Drs. Charles & Judith F. Anderson

Senior Pastors


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This is an Orientation for all new partners that have joined Trinity Worship International Ministries to introduce the vision, mission statement, core values and the statement of faith.

The new partner will also understand the function of the church, salvation, spiritual gifts and principals of bible study, prayer and worship to help them discover their purpose in Christ and get involved in ministry with confidence.

Course content

  • Introduction

  • Introduction (Vision and Mission Statement)

  • Introduction  (Core values)

  • Introduction (Trinity resources)

  • Introduction (Statement of Faith)

  • Lesson 1 (P.1 The Church)

  • Lesson 1 (P.2 The Money Question)

  • Lesson 1 (P.3 Robbing God)

  • Lesson 2 (P.1 Spiritual Gifts)

  • Lesson 3 - Bible Study, Prayer & Worship

  • Lesson 4 (P.1 What is Salvation?)

  • Lesson 4 (P.2 Believer's Baptism)

  • Introduction Destiny Family Ministry

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