Turkish Lessons 1 (Beginner): Introducing yourself


Ali Akpinar

Dem Turkish Center

I am Ali Akpinar, a Turkish language teacher from Istanbul, Turkey offering Turkish language books and online Turkish lessons and courses. Visit www.demturkishcenter.com for my Turkish language books.


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Turkish Lessons For Beginners 1: Introducing Yourself

Take self-study Turkish lessons for beginners and improve your Turkish language!

This Turkish lesson offered by Dem Turkish Center, a Turkish language learning resource website offering Turkish language books and online Turkish lessons via Skype is about introducing yourself, asking and answering typical questions like "What's your name? What's your job etc" with Turkish grammar, vocabulary, reading and speaking exercises.

You can study this lesson yourself and practice with your Turkish speaking friends. The lessons are designed for self-study with English equivalents of words & sentences and answers. 

The lessons also includes the pdf documents so you can download and study any time, by yourself or with a Turkish speaking friend or your Turkish language teacher.

Do you want to study this lesson online via Skype? Contact us if you would like to study this lesson online with a qualified Turkish language teacher and learn & improve your Turkish language.

Course content

  • BTL1-Lesson 1 (Vocabulary)

  • BTL1-Lesson 2

  • BTL1-Lesson 3 (Grammar)

  • BTL1-Lesson 4 (Grammar)

  • BTL1-Lesson 5

  • BTL1-Lesson 6 (Everyday Turkish)

  • BTL1-Lesson 7 (Reading Practice)

  • BTL1-Lesson 8 (Speaking)

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