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Your teacher holding a koala bear in Cairns, Australia in 2013.

Welcome to Travel and Tourism: CGG3O1!


I'm your instructor, Mr. Jody McKinnon and I love to travel. Hopefully, you love to travel as well and that is why you have taken this geography course. 

Ever since I was a little boy, I have loved to learn about the world, and one of the best ways to learn about the world is through travel. This course will explore why, where and how people travel, as well as the sustainability of tourism. In addition, we will explore interrelationships and trends in tourism and finally, we will examine challenges that the tourism industry faces. Let's travel together!

To give you a better idea of how much I love to travel, take a look at this map that shows where I've been before.


A map showing the countries your teacher has visited.

 Don't worry if you haven't been anywhere yet - you're young and you have your whole life ahead of you to fill the map. Why not try seeing what your map looks like as of now? You can do this by visiting this website:

Still not convinced that your teacher loves to travel? Check out my fridge!

Your teacher's fridge with magnets representing many of the places he's visited.


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Course content

  • Course Rules

  • Assessment and Evaluation

  • Contacting the Teacher

  • Plagiarism

  • Your Learning Profile

  • Unit 1 - Overview

  • Definitions and Terms

  • Assignment #1

  • Why do people travel?

  • Travel Motivators and Barriers

  • Types of Tourism

  • Assignment #2 - You as a tourist profile

  • Not so popular destinations

  • Where do people travel? So many places to see!

  • What makes a destination popular?

  • The Comforts of Home Abroad

  • Assignment #3 - Top 50 Tourist Attractions Poster

  • How do people travel?

  • Modes of Travel: Airplane

  • Modes of Travel: Rail

  • Modes of Travel: Cruising

  • Modes of Travel: Automobile

  • Assignment #4 - The Bucket List

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