Ami Flammini

Technical Assistance and Training Director PBIS Advanced Tiers

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Jessica Swain-Bradway
Great start to really mapping out how we can use this technology!


This section is still under construction.

It will include:

an overview

objectives for the course

instructions to watch the content in order

Go to TASKS when finished, take the very challenging quiz and then I will send you a certificate of completion


Course content

  • Understand how trauma impacts learning-a 9 minute video

  • How trauma impacts the brain-a 3 minute video from Harvard University

  • Know about the ACE's study-a 5 minute You-tube video

  • Why educator's need to understand the ACE's study-(under construction)

  • Physiological Signs of Stress/Trauma- 10 minute interview

  • Naughty Behavior or a Stress-Response-6 minute video

  • What to do when kids see "BEARS"-5 minute video-(under construction)

  • Compassion Fatigue and Educators (under construction)

  • Resources-under construction

  • Questions to consider with your team-under construction

  • About the Midwest PBIS Network

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