Alisha Bayless


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Trac is IWS’s ticketing monitoring system for both client and internally reported defects and requests. This course will walk you through the main points of Trac as well as some of the work flow.


The URL for Trac is:

Section I - The Oops! Button

  • Trac Ticket submission

Section II - Trac 

  • The internal Trac system

Course content

  • Part 1 - Oops! Tickets

  • The Oops! Button

  • Blank Oops! Request

  • Completed Oops! Request

  • Part 2 - Trac Intro

  • Home Page

  • Incoming Track Tickets

  • Main Fields

  • Required Fields

  • Milestones

  • Clients

  • Submitted Trac Ticket

  • Quiet Mode

  • Quiet Mode Preview

  • Leaving Quiet Mode

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