Johanna Heinonen

Lehtori / Senior Lecturer

I'm an experienced marketing and communications professional with special interest to tourism and social media. During my working years I've gathered a wide range of experience from different business fields and various problems in marketing and communication from my years as a consultant and also as a senior lecturer (= project manager). I'm really keen on developing new things and areas with critical, future-oreinted view and hands-on attitude Interested in new challenges :) On my free time I consume lots of movies and books, spend my time in the gym, travel a lot and am really involved in scouts - thanks to my daughters.


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During this course you are supposed to learn the basics in tourism. marketing. We also discuss different ways to do it as well as the challenges marketeers of tourism and hospitality services meet.

After the course the student should be able to

  • analyze the marketing environment of the tourism
  • plan and design experiential marketing strategies
  • apply co-marketing in a digital environment with partners

This will be done with few theoretical assignments as well as guest lectures and a real life marketing project.



You can take the course totally online as a virtual version or participate in contact lessons.

The real life project is individual report The real life project is a group work

On virtual version of the course

you can do assignments on your own pace and where ever you want to.

However you must keep deadlines.

Contact hours will be set up so that day starts with introduction after which there is a guest lecture or two. Afternoons are usually reserved for group work with some exceptions due to timetables of guest lecturers

On virtual course you are supposed to find the material on your own. 

Remember that this is an academic course, so references must be valid and relevant.

During contact hours you'll get ideas of the material and background information in the form of guest lecturers as well as briefings provided by teachers.

In case you are absent from lectures: Write one page summary of the themes discussed based on literature and materials. Return to CONTACT ABSENT folder.

Participants of the virtual version can find their own cases.


You must contact the firm and give the contact information as a reference, in order to pass the course.

Participants of the contact hours will be working with two cases for Suomenlinna and Helsinki archipelago.


TIMETABLE can be found behind this link



  • Marketing project 50 %
  • Theoretical assignments 40 %
  • Participation (i.e. discussions on forum as well as dynamic group work in contact hours) 10 %

Link to background MATERIALS is here.



Senior Lecturer Johanna Heinonen, email  (to contanct in matters concerning virtual course)

Senior Lecturer Marjaana Salomaa, email  (to contact in matters concerning contact hours)

Course content

  • * Timetable

  • * Background literature and materials

  • What is so special in tourism marketing?

  • * Terminology

  • My customers home and abroad - who are they?

  • "No man is an island"

  • No time for blogging or Facebook....

  • Putting it all together - a plan for tourism marketing

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