Top Ten Components to Mastering a Business Plan


Samora Sobukwe-SoDaye'


Founder and Director of Unique Seminars, LLC, Samora Sobukwe-SoDaye,' formed this company in 2009 under the name Young Entrepreneurship Seminar Series (Y.E.S.S.) after teaching basic entrepreneurship principles to students. Over the past 17 years, he has worked with youth in public and private education, lead and participated in community based projects and served as Director of Economic Development. Samora has participated in numerous conferences and workshops throughout the United States presenting on topics such as Economic Development in the Community, Youth Leadership and Empowerment, Goal Setting, and Preparing the Next Generation for Success. He holds a BS degree in Secondary Education, and a Master of Teaching Economics Certification (MTE) and a Master of Teaching Entrepreneurship Education Certification ( MTEE).


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Participants will receive expert assistance in developing great business plans. Drafting a business plan is the fundamental key in creating a sound business that operates efficiently. This training will cover, tools to operating a small business, legal structures, identifying your target market & competitive advantage, finding an opportunity window, implementing a budget and more. 

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