TOOLKIT for the Training Program in e-Learning, Distance Education & Blended Learning


Jouni Immonen, Program Coordinator


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We warmly welcome you to attend the course in eLearning, distance education and blended learning! 

Training is organised by the FCG International Ltd, University of Helsinki and Growflow Ltd.

Learning objectives/outcomes

The overall objective of the programme is to improve knowledge and skills of participants in the development and use of versatile applications of eLearning and distance education in their work as educators and/or educational administrators.

The specific learning objectives for this course are as follows:

  • To get an overall understanding of different approaches to eLearning and distance education
  • To improve skills in instructional design of eLearning
  • To familiarize with blended learning as an educational strategy and practice
  • To familiarize with various applications of pedagogical use of ICT in teaching and learning
  • To improve knowledge and skills in development of eLearning / blended learning systems
  • To familiarize with the quality assurance in eLearning and distance education
  • Management of eLearning and blended learning – organization & support

Training has the following three phases:

  1. Orientation phase
  2. Training in Finland
  3. Follow-up phase

To start the work, please go to Phase 1 Orientation – enjoy your trip!

Course content

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