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We provide Online English lessons with a new and up to date methodology. It allows the students to learn the language easily and efficiently, our goal is making the process both productive and fun. We leave behind the boring one-way process of traditional grammar lessons, and encourage a communicative and positive atmosphere.

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This course is designed to help the English language learners to gain skills and knowledge needed to achieve success in TOEFL speaking section.

The course is created by English Language Project "Enlight". The course  will be taught by one of the project's team member English Language Teacher Helen Voskanyan. Participants from Armenia as well as from over the world can be enrolled in the course. All the lessons are going to be held only in English. 

The course will be held from 27 January - 04 February, 2016.

During this time you will have 3 Online lessons and 5 Tasks.

You can join Online lessons in Webinars section, the tasks will appear in Tasks section.


                     1st Online Lesson27.01 / 20.00 PM (armenian time)

                             Task 1. Independent speaking question. Due 28.01/21.00 PM 

                          Task 2: Independent speaking question, Report. Due 29.01/21.00 PM


                         2nd Online Lesson - 30.01 / 20.00 PM ( audiotracks for the lesson )

                              Task 1. Report, Describe. Due 31.01/21.00 PM 

                           Task 2: Watch Video Lesson, Summarize . Due 01.02/21.00 PM

                           Task 3: General topic, Summarize, Compare . Due 03.02/12.00 PM (noon)


                       3rd /Last Online Lesson - 03.02 / 20.00 PM ( audiotracks for the lesson )

                           Task 0: Course Feedback Survey. Due 04.02/21.00 PM






    After completing this course the participants will have a full set of skills and knowledge required for getting the highest score in Speaking section. All the do's and don'ts will be discussed and studied by means of various excercises and tasks.

    Participants will work under teacher's control, but will also have the chance to work independently. After each completed and sent task the participants will get  grades along with feedback. Thus the participants will realize their weak and strong points. The grades and feedbacks will play an important role in getting a course completion certificate.

Note: You will only get the Certificate after participating in all the online lessons and completing all the tasks.


If you still have questions, ask them in Discussions section, or send an email to



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