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Ms. Sokol


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Temple University Japan: Academic English Program

TOEFL iBT Preparation Course – (Aiming for a score of 90-95)

Summer 2014



Instructor:        LesleeAnne Sokol-Nakasuji


When:              Saturday 14:00 17:00

Where:             Azabu Hall Room #405 AEP Faculty Office

TEL 03-5441-9800, EXT. 905

Office Hours:    Saturday: 17:00 18:00 (please make an appointment)

                        Skype Meeting: Tues/Thurs: 19:00 20:00 (or by appointment)



Course Description

This course is designed to help students develop the skills necessary to correctly complete the TOEFL iBT test. Over the semester students will have a chance to focus on a selection of skills from each of the four sections: writing, reading, listening and speaking. Due to the brevity of the course, it is impossible to effectively address all skills in the text; therefore, four-five skills from each section will be looked at in depth, in each of the four units outlined on the Tentative Class Schedule.

Students will engage in a variety of activities from both the text and the CD-ROM, in an effort to build good habits, and a strong TOEFL skill base. A better understanding of the inner workings of the TOEFL test, as a whole, will be addressed in the Understanding the TOEFL segments of each class. Students will learn to further support their TOEFL skills with vocabulary building techniques, time management tips, and peer discussion and evaluation. Students will complete four writing assignments over the semester that will be evaluated with both teacher and peer comments. Students will learn to function confidently in an English immersion classroom, while understanding how to take control of their own learning.



Course Objectives

·         Learn five academic writing skills

·         Learn four academic reading skills

·         Learn four academic listening skills

·         Learn four academic speaking skills

·         Write four academic essays

·         Complete two Mini-Tests in both the text and on the CD-ROM

·         Finish Complete Test 1 & Complete Test 2 from the CD-ROM

·         Engage in academic discussion

·         Create a Vocabulary Diary

·         Learn to effectively utilize both paper and electronic resources


·         Complete ten segments of Understanding the TOEFL

·         Gain confidence in an English-only environment



Phillips, Deborah. LONGMAN: Preparation Course for the TOEFL Test: iBT. Second Edition. Pearson Education, Inc. New York. 2013.


Special Update:

ETS has decreased the maximum number of reading passages from five to four beginning on November 1, 2011. Test takers will have either 60 minutes to complete three reading passages and questions, or 80 minutes to complete four reading passages and questions.

In addition, the Reading section will no longer be divided into separately timed parts. Instead, all the reading passages and questions will be made available in a single block of time. This change will allow test takers to pace themselves throughout the entire Reading section.

It will also allow them to navigate within the entire section, so they can skip questions, go back to review and change responses, or respond to questions that they may have skipped. (

There will now be other than American accents. Beginning in March 2013, the Listening and Speaking sections of the TOEFL iBT test include other native-speaker English accents in addition to accents from North America. You may hear accents from the United Kingdom, New Zealand or Australia. (



Required Material

·         Notebook

·         Highlighter, pens, pencils

·         Dictionary

·         Folder for class handouts


Optional Material

·         I-phone/I-pad/ electronic device of choice



Online Interactive Classroom

  • An online interactive classroom for TOEFL iBT students.

  • Students will be given login details in class.

  • Here students can find in-class handouts, announcements, and homework reminders.

  • Here students can ask questions on the class discussion board and interact with both their teacher and classmates.




·         Students must attend 70% of classes in order to pass the class

·         Students should try to arrive to class ON TIME

·         Students should arrive to class with all homework and assignments complete

·         Due to the limited number of classes it is important to ATTEND each class

·         Students are responsible for checking the syllabus before each class: it is expected that students will know what is due and what the focus of each class is


Missed a Class

·         Students are responsible for catching up on missed homework and class activities

·         It is the students responsibility to ask a classmate about missed homework, class activities, and assignments before the day of the next attended class



Active Participation in Group Work and Class Activities

Although the TOEFL test is an independent activity, pair and group work will be used to discuss and practice different aspects of the test. In order to maximize classroom time, and provide a realistic academic English experience, it is important that students should make every effort to conduct all class activities in English, and complete each activity to the best of their ability.




  • Students are expected to complete and submit all CD-ROM homework one week after it has been assigned:

    • FOR EXAMPLE: Homework assigned on April 19th will be due April 26th by 24:00

    • As CD-ROM homework is pre-assigned you may begin work on it anytime before the due date

  • Students are expected to type and submit all writing assignments one week after they have been assigned:

    • FOR EXAMPLE: Essays assigned on April 26th will be due May 10th by 24:00

  • Students who finish, homework and writing assignments, early may submit them anytime before the due date




  • Grading for this course is assessed on a PASS/FAIL basis

  • Students who come to at least 70% of the classes and do at least 70% of the homework will receive an equivalent grade of PASS for this course.







70% of the classes attended

Less than 70% of classes attended

Pre-Assigned CD-ROM Homework

·         Skills Practice

·         Mini Test 5/6

·         Complete Test 1/2

Completed, submitted and done to the best of the student’s abilities.

Less than 70% incomplete or done without time or care.

Class Activities

Completed in English-only, with a positive attitude, done to the best of the student’s ability.

Native language is used far too much, with a negative attitude, student does not put forth a genuine effort.

Writing Assignments

Four completed academic writing assignments done to the best of the student’s ability.

Less than 70% incomplete or done without time or care.

Vocabulary Diary

Completed, submitted and done to the best of the student’s abilities.

Less than 70% incomplete or done without time or care.




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