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Hello Thrive Pastoral Team, I am excited that you are willing as a team to walk through this journey of Spiritual formation development collectively as we can focus as a pastoral staff on our Spiritual formation. I look forward to your posts and replies to each other. This is not a "Fix it" approach, but a place for encouragement. This forum is not a forum for terms like, "You should," or "Counseling or Coaching," but, a forum for encouragement, prayer and coming alongside each other. 

Spiritual formation assumes change. The assumption of growth and development leads us to ask how we grow and change.  We assume that God is active in the process of developing a minister, but exactly how does He accomplish the changing and development? More pointedly, how does God change you? What are the ways He works to cause your own growth and development? What are the tools and means of growth?


On the 15th and Last day of each month you will seek God’s grace through an act of worship so that more than your mind is transformed in this course. 


  1. In the Acts of Worship discussion, respond to one of the following in 100 to 300 words:
    1. Your first option is to post a prayer request or share something that is on your heart. I hope you will have deeply meaningful times of sharing here.
    2. Your second option is to journal about an act of worship.  I would like you to get in the pattern of doing acts of worship at least every other week that you journal on here.  Many of you will want to buy an actual journal to fill more extensively with your divine encounters.  Here is a starter list of possible acts of worship.  Try not to do the same act of worship each time but vary your devotion to the Lord.  You should generally write on something that has happened in these last two weeks (since your last entry).

i.Write a prayer of praise or thanksgiving.

ii.Write a prayer of testimony to God’s power in resisting a temptation or how you were delivered from temptation.

iii.Confess a temptation you are struggling to resist and pray for the Spirit’s power.

iv.Write a description of how God spoke to you through searching the Scriptures.

v.Write a prayer of confession and repentance for a wrong you did someone unintentionally or a wrong you did God or His creation unintentionally.

vi.Write a prayer of confession and repentance for an intentional sin you committed.

vii.If you sinned “with a high hand” (a highly intentional and planned sin), you should consider doing a significant act of repentance.  You can journal about your act of repentance.

viii.Write about an instance of forgiveness—either your forgiveness of others or another forgiving you.

ix.Write a prayer of need or supplication.

x.Testify to God’s answer to a prayer you made.

xi.Write about an unanswered prayer in your life and express your faith in God’s will and power (can be combined with a psalm).

xii.Write about the impact of communion on you.

xiii.Write about the impact of an act of ministry or service you did.

xiv.Write about a faith challenge you are experiencing or that you have recently experienced.

xv.Write about the impact of a fast you did.

xvi.Write about the impact of silence, meditation, solitude, or retreat on you.

xvii.Testify to the impact of God’s grace in some circumstance this week, God’s grace mediated to you through others, or God meeting you at a particular time and place.

xviii.Write about some new knowledge or wisdom you believe God has taught you.

xix.Write about an experience of divine healing you or someone you know has experienced.

  1. Your initial post is due by 15th and Last day of each month.
  2. Read and respond to at least two of your pastoral team’ postings, You can pray with them or praise with them or simply join with their heart.

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