Dr. Sachin K. Kamble


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At the end of this course, students should be able to

1. understand and define basic terminologies of thermodynamics.

2.calculate properties of various working substances at various states. 

3. understand the first law for closed system in differential form is written as dq - dw = de 
i.e. heat and work expressed by inexact differentials.

4. solve problems using steady flow energy equation q – w = ∆h + ∆ke + ∆pe  

5. define the Kelvin and Clausius statements of second law of thermodynamics. 

6. understand  that entropy is a thermodynamic property, which is a consequence of second 
law of thermodynamics just like total energy content is a consequence of first law of 

7. understand that ∆S ≥ ∫ (δQ/T) is a mathematical form of second law of thermodynamics. 

8. understand that entropy of an isolated system always increases. 


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