Therapeutic Horsemanship Practitioner - Phase 2




WITH aims to help disadvantaged individuals to develop confidence and communication skills and gain qualifications through therapeutic horsemanship as well as providing training, promoting standards and establishing a network of approved centres.


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This online course provides an excellent opportunity for you to continue to expand your knowledge about Therapeutic Horsemanship, safety standards and ethical considerations following the 3-day workshop. You will also learn how to plan and deliver effective activities and how to set up, finance and market a Therapeutic Horsemanship Centre.


The online course is self-paced and can be completed from the convenience of your own home. There are six assignments and a quiz that can be completed in any order. Each one will then be assessed by WITH. You can choose to complete Phase 2 before moving onto Phase 3 if you prefer, however Phases 2 and 3 are also designed to run concurrently so that you can begin your practice hours while studying the online course if you wish. Once all the online quizzes and assignments including the Practitioner self-evaluation have been completed and your 25 practice hours have been logged and approved by a WITH Certified Practitioner, you are then eligible to move onto Phase 4. 


If you have any difficulties with any aspect of this course, please ask for help either through the course forum or by emailing 

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