The Word In Motion Liturgical Dance Teacher Certification


Chanda Thornton


The Word in Motion was also featured in the Manna Newspaper as a Cover Story in October 2005 for how it has impacted so many lives and transformed many perspectives of Praise dance ministry. The word in Motion has also been featured in the Daily Times Newspaper The Word In Motion has appeared on numerous television and radio broadcast, including PAC 14 in Maryland and Virginia. Chanda Thornton was licensed as a Minister 2006 at Salisbury MD at Kingdom Family Worship Center. IN 2008 she was ordained as a Pastor and served as an assistant Pastor at Kingdom Family Worship Center. Chanda Thornton is now a faithful member at Perfecting Faith Church where she servers on the evangelism team. She is also serves as one of the leaders on the dance team assisting with the priesthood dance ministers.

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LaMeshia Eldridge


The Liturgical Dance Certification Course is an intense and in depth study of Liturgical Dance. We will explore Liturgical Dance from a Biblical and technical perspective. Students will be encouraged to observe, analyze, and evaluate various aspects of Liturgical dance and its components. Our goal is to foster a deeper understanding of Liturgical dance in order for students to become effective liturgical dance teachers. During the six month course students will be challenged to broaden their understanding, abilities and experience in Liturgical Dance.

On Completing the course Students should be able to:

  • Instruct students in proper liturgical dance styles and  techniques
  • Coordinate and organize dance conferences and workshops
  • Teach on proper liturgical dance garments and colors
  • Teach students the Biblical meaning and foundation of liturgical dance
  • Understand the dynamics of choreography in liturgical dance
  • Choreograph individual and  group liturgical dances
  • Understand how to begin a local or community dance team
  • Organize and understand the functionality of  the administrative            
  •  component of liturgical dance
  • Network with other liturgical dancers
  • Recognize  pitfalls and hindrances in liturgical dance and strategies to overcome them
  • identify effective team building and leadership strategies in liturgical dance

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