Stephanie Pedersen

Nutrition Educator

Hello, Gorgeous! My name is Stephanie Pedersen. I am a holistic nutritionist and safe food advocate. I’m also a superfood author, speaker and multi-media host. Whether you want to get into your favorite pair of skinny jeans or eat gluten-free, I am dedicated to helping you. Through weekly newsletters featuring tips and recipes, private 1-on-1 work, personalized meal plans, group programs, my books, regular online interview series, and my audios and videos, I teach you to lose weight quickly, maintain weight loss, get rid of cravings, speed up your metabolism, and cook for and eat for health.


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The Wellness Circle is just that: A circle of powerful individuals focused on losing weight, getting healthy and creating and maintaining wellness. This will look a bit different for each of us, but there are many things that we will dive into together that will help all of us reach (and maintain) an ideal weight and be our healthiest. Further, we'll tackle the mindset piece. So expect education in nutrition and eating, lifestyle and mindset. All in a safe, supportive, very committed circle of strong, compassionate women. Welcome!

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