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Joshua A.P


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Hello, and welcome to The Support Room Volunteer Course! 


This course is designed to give you the training that was originally scheduled for the Training Day but in light of future training that could be more useful, it makes more sense to complete the training here, online, rather than in person so we have more time for other people. 


In this course, you will cover things you have already learned or have yet to learn, and you will learn the G.O.B approach to supporting people. 


There is an assessment at the end of the course. On the Training Day, each of you will be assigned a different situation and I will act as the person who is asking for help. You will be assessed on four unique things that I think should be found in the request for help. Based on how many of these criteria you follow, you will be awarded one of the following grades depending on how many criteria you've met. 


4 criteria met = A* 3 criteria met = A
2 criteria met = B 1 criteria met = C


If you achieve a C or D (no criteria met), I will require you to complete a bit more training before allowing you to continue. The assessment is by no means difficult and all you need to know will be covered at some point. Practice assessments can be completed any time here, so you can complete them, I'll grade them and you can practice what you need to. 


There are no limits on how long you can take on each section but all of the course must be completed by Tuesday 17th February 2015, the date of The Support Room School. This course should take no more than 30-60 minutes in total to complete. If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them on Facebook. Good luck! 


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