John Mckinstry

The Spartan Within Academy



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The Spartan Within brings you a new course on how to become the greatest you can be by becoming the next generation Spartan. 

How this was created

Modern Day

    - American Dream - go to college, get a job, work 40 hrs a week, do what you are told, work till retirement

    -How it worked in the past

    -How it won't work for all in the present

    -Whats needed

Connection to Spartan history


Call to Action

Course content

  • 1. Cultivate iT

  • 1a. The Poetic Spartan

  • 1b. The Self Aware Spartan

  • 1c. The Humanistic Spartan

  • 2. Discover iT

  • 3. See iT

  • 4. Believe iT

  • 5. Do iT

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