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In-School Mentoring Program


Our Vision

To provide children with positive supports that will counterbalance potential risk factors.


Our Mission

The program mission is to provide targeted children with an unconditional, positive, one-to-one friendship with a warm and caring adult volunteer.


We seek to assist children of every ethnic, racial, national, cultural and religious group within Skyview Elementary School who may need additional positive role models to further enrich their lives. In fulfilling this purpose, we only seek and accept volunteers possessing the highest levels of stability, honesty, integrity, and undeniable ethical and moral standards.

The program is not just limited to a specific family dynamic. As long as there is an identified need, we make every effort to work with all families. Examples may include single-parent families, foster children, or children living with extended family members/relatives.


Belief Statement

“By becoming a mentor, you can help guide a child toward the path of success”


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