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Frank Sardella

Practice Growth Coach

20-year veteran advocate of chiropractic, expert practice growth and chiropractic marketing coach, screener and lecturer


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This course is for Chiropractic Marketing Assistants, Associate Doctors and Practice Owners and, though it is used to train recruiters, it is a requirement for all screeners whether they plan on recruiting or not. It is prerequisite to screening training.

The term "Recruiter" is a coined work by Frank Sardella, developer of the Screening Experts system and replaces the commonly-accepted but insufficiently descriptive "Greeter" common to other coaching programs which touch upon the screening subject. Experience has shown that, alothough more than greeting is implied, it is not adequately communicated and "Greeter" has so many connotations that the term does not consider pre-conceived notions about what the position entails. The example of "WalMart" is usually given in the training videos, coaching sessions and podcasts and the fact that a "greeter" is "someone who says hello" which is what the WalMart greeters do when you enter the store.

Read the Next Chapter "Screening Definition" to understand why we use the term "Recruiter" and where it fits in to the screening process.

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