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Welcome to The Pursuit!  You are at the beginning of a process that will forever impact your life.  The Pursuit is Chi Psi's new member education program.  This program will help you to learn about Chi Psi's history, values, structure, and traditions as well as begin to build bonds with your fellow pledge class members and Brothers of your Alpha.  

The course contains seven lessons.  Over the next eight weeks you will complete the seven lessons with a final review in the eighth week.  You may finish the course in less time, but must complete at least one lesson per week.

Each lesson contains three parts.  First is a reading which will come from the Chi Psi Story and attached documents, second is a short answer assignment, and third is a discussion post.

Guidelines for tasks and discussion posts:

        +Answers must be attached using a word file
        +Copy all questions into your word file and type answers in beneath questions or on the fill in the blank lines

    -Discussion Posts
        +Posts should be well thought out 
        +Post responses must be respectful and meaningful

As you embark on this journey seek meaning and purpose in each lesson.  Although it may appear merely as knowledge, the lessons you will learn through this process mark the beginning of your life as a Chi Psi.    

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