The Practical Study of Romans by Flora Wiggins


Flora Wiggins

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Flora Fuller
Regina Price
Jeremiah Fuller
Its awesome and simple to take, with easily guided instructions. If you haven't taken it already don't be afraid because you get 3 chances. It only records your highest score. Good Luck!


We begin our practical study of ROMANS from Chapter 1. We will study verse by verse and chapter by chapter by chapter. We will give you plain and practical biblical principles as the Apostle Paul disciples you and I. Then we encourage you to disciple others. If you have been looking for a self paced bible class where you can actually understand what you are reading, and learn more about the bible in a structured classroom setting...LOOK NO FURTHER! You have found it here. The 2016-2017 course will be offered FREE OF CHARGE!

We will post bible lesson passages with questions each day. We will do weekly essays. We will also have instructional videos where the lessons are read to you.

We learn about the bible stories, themes and settings as well as touching on some simple core class academics along the way to help you understand the basic meanings of the words, phrases, and vernacular in the bible. You will leave this class with a new knowledge of the word of God as well as a refresher course in writing.

If you would like to be a blessing to this ministry, you are welcome to do so at any time by sending a donation to Men & Women of Wisdom Missions and Outreach PO Box 7171 Round Rock Texas 78683-7171.

However, there is no cost or fee associated with this class. Consider it God's gift to you. I am just a vessel that is sent to deliver it. Be BLESSED!

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