Ms. Jennise Conley

Neuroeducational Specialist/Secondary Instructor


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Way back in the Midwest in the 1960s, a teenager named S.E. Hinton decided to write a story about some kids that she knew in her high school.

While this might sound like typical Tumblr behavior to you, what came from this creative writing exercise is now The Outsiders. Hinton's teenage world is kinda different from your present, but we bet that you'll also find that it's really a lot of the same stuff: slang, social espionage, stabbing, and shooting.

Have we got your interest yet?

In this unit, we'll meet Ponyboy Curtis—yes, that is his real name, thank you very much—and his band of toughguys. We'll be exploring plot, theme, point of view, characterization, and setting; this is an English unit, after all. 

By the end of the fifteen lessons, there will be tears, laughter, and more jokes about Ponyboy's name than you can ever imagine.

Course content

  • The Outsiders: Introduction

  • Lesson 1: My Little Ponyboy

  • Lesson 1 (Reading 1a): The Boys Are Back in Town

  • Lesson 1 (Reading 1b): "What's in a Name?"

  • Course Evaluation

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