The Language of  Shombi  101   Session  A  : My New secret Language


Shaniqua Ray


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Shombi  is  a  new  language  created by  Shaniqua   ray  . in  all  honesty  it is  completely  useless  right now . It is not known  and not known .  This makes  it  the perfect secret  language  you can learn   it  with others  and be able to Communicate with others alike.  This  language is  still being establish  and in it prime.  This  Course  if  for  self  enrichment purposes  and I dont  promise   college  credit nor is it equal  to there  transfer  policy  This is  not  a  college  credited  course  or  school. However  this is  a real  language    ,My  language   it is  just not known but  soon  will be .

 This  class is  free but  soon  will be  a  fee   the  free    enrollment  includes  The  Text books   and videos   as  Ebooks  format only 

Fee : 

Enrollment  is  a  fee  because  I  did   take  many hours  creating  this  comprehensive  language  that has  a real spoken  dictation   and can be translated quit  effective   to English  and  Spanish  fine. I also have created  text books ,work books  Audio  help aids and all . Students  will be giving  access to  my  resources .  

with  the fees  earned  I hope  to establish  more  for my new  language .

fee  includes   

3 months  online  course   learning  by  eager to teach  instructor 

Text  book and work book  I  will supply 

video aid  and  audio  aids  I can  supply  to  attendees.



After  completion   you  will obtain  many  skills

A  realization  with a new  found  language  called  Shombi  

Shombi  101  credit  to move  on to session  B   and  Session c  for Advance 

know  basic  greetings  and  talk,slang and chat

ABC  and  how to count and tell  time in Shombi

how  to  write in Old  English  and  Edwardian   script  


assignment are due  every  Saturday  by  Midnight 

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