6 Steps to Organizing Your Own Family Command Center


Tracee Ali


Ed.S. / Masters degree in Counseling with over 25 years of experience in program management, organization, counseling, and writing. Happily married mother of two with a very active family life.


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You have been invited to participate in this online course because you have shown interest in better organizing your family life.  One way to do that is to create a command center that centralizes your family's daily activities.  

What is a family command center?

A family command center is information central for busy families.  You may have also heard to it referred to a "launch pad" or "drop zone."  It cuts the chaos by creating a central location to find out about calendar events, activities, grocery shopping, meal planning, chores, homework, in-and-outgoing mail, bills, receipts, and messages needed by your family each day.  

Designing a family control center can be a fun, creative, and freeing experience.  You may already have some ideas of just the right theme, design, and location for it.  Here are some examples of what others have done:




Please continue to the next page (links at bottom right and top left) to answer 6 questions (Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How) designed to walk you through creating your own family command center.  You will have optional "homework" at the end of each section to allow you to jot down your thoughts.  Once you have completed all the sections, you will be ready to create a command center for your own home!

Let's Begin!

Course content

  • STEP 1:  ASK WHO?

  • STEP 2:  ASK WHAT?

  • STEP 3:  ASK WHEN?


  • STEP 5:  ASK WHY?

  • STEP 6:  ASK HOW?


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