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Progress! Industry! Invention! New technology! The Gilded Age was one of the most dynamic, contentious, and volatile periods in American history. You'll learn about the captains of industry, robber barons, and the Steve Jobs of yesteryear here.


By the end of this unit, you should be able to

  • explain the causes and major events of the Gilded Age.
  • understand why and how captains of industry became wealthy in the Gilded Age.
  • analyze how industrial development creates wealth disparities.
  • spot a monopoly when you see one and explain how free markets support monopolies.
  • understand the whole "inventions driving industry" thing going on.
  • know what the deal was with early labor movements.
  • get how unions became, well, unionized.
  • explain how those anarchists and commies got their start in the United States.

Course content

  • Introduction

  • Lesson 1: Rise of Industry (No, not a Spielberg movie)

  • Lesson 1 Reading: It's All About the Benjamins

  • Lesson 2: Rise of Industry (No, not a Spielberg movie), Continued

  • Lesson 3: The Steve Jobs of Yesteryear

  • Lesson 3 Reading: The Steve Jobs of Yesteryear

  • Lesson 4: The Steve Jobs of Yesteryear, Continued

  • Lesson 5: The Dangers of Progress

  • Lesson 5 Reading: Manly Men Making Speeches About Being Manly

  • Lesson 6: Working Class Hero Is Something to See

  • Lesson 6 Reading 6a: The People Actually, You Know, Doing the Work

  • Lesson 6 Reading 6b: Pulling Down the Pullman Empire

  • Lesson 7: Working Class Hero Is Something to See, Continued

  • Lesson 8: Perfect Worldism

  • Lesson 8 Reading: My Perfect World! My Own! My Precious!

  • Study Aid:¬†Flashcards

  • Study Aid: Study Questions

  • Study Aid: Terms

  • Course Evalution

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