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Hi I am Mr J Cowell I have over 25 years experience working in schools and colleges across the UK teaching and leading ICT & Computing. I have extensively worked with schools to deliver bespoke training to help teachers use ICT & Computing as an effective teaching and learning tool. He has recently been training teachers how to use iPads as an effective teaching and learning tool and how to develop their own resources for interactive and immersive teaching and learning and helping teachers to integrate mobile technology into their classrooms. With a robust background in an array of hardware and software I am able to deliver imaginative and learning centered training sessions involving resource creation, photography and media skills, teaching and learning delivery, Video creation, Animation, English, and App creation My main skill and focus is making the technology work for your teaching and learning in your classroom.


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The Explorer’s Daughter is less focused on the story, it describes the narwhal hunt, but without focusing on the usual elements of storytelling, such as suspense and plot development. Rather, it explores the moral and environmental issues around hunting by indigenous peoples. So you could say it is ‘about’ the issues raised by hunting in the Arctic. 

Course content

  • The Story

  • Theme

  • Task

  • Video of a whole lesson to revise

  • Breakdown paragraph by paragraph

  • Annotation of the Story by Student

  • Explorer's Daughter Exam Qestions

  • PPT on the Story

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