Megan Anderson


Megan Anderson is a Ph.D. candidate and Marie Curie Fellow based at the University of Leiden, Faculty Campus The Hague, Centre for Terrorism and Counterterrorism. Funded by the European Union's FP7, her research focuses on the organization of public safety provision in urban contexts. Megan is a passionate advocate for the use of service design and design research within the public sector. Visit to see the kinds of reading and viewing material that accompany her morning coffees.


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Welcome to this short introductory course on the Emergency Service Sector. Watch the video below for an overview of the course content and structure.



  • Module 1 provides a brief history of the origins of organized and professional emergency service provision, with particular attention to London. 
  • Module 2 provides an overview of the contemporary organization of emergency services, and identifies three common organizational models.
  • Module 3 outlines common ways in which the emergency services are working together to provide more efficient and effective service delivery. 
  • Module 4 concludes with a summary and a discussion of  the future of the sector. 

Course content

  • 1. The Emergency Services in a Historical Perspective

  • 2. Contemporary Organizational Models of Emergency Service Provision

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